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Improving Communication About People and Performance

Communication is the art of understanding and being understood. Simple as it sounds, we all know how challenging our efforts to communicate can really be, especially when we are dealing with descriptive attributes rather than tangible or quantifiable information. Consider these examples:  He’s a good team player… She has good leadership potential… He just can’t

Understanding the Features & Benefits Sales Style

Among the selling styles we differentiate within the context of OMS is the classic Features & Benefits style. More like the stereotype of the sales person for the past century, this is a style emphasizing persuasive argument over asking questions, handling objections to move the prospect closer to the decision point, hard closing to seek

Managers: The High Cost of Making Exceptions

Two issues prior we looked at manager motivation, especially in larger organizations, which tells us why Need for Power and Need for Achievement result in different management styles that perform best within different job contexts. Both are leadership personalities, and despite the relative differences, have the ability to channel the energies and motivation of other

Is It Power or Achievement That Motivates Your Best Managers?

When speaking about filling management posts, it seems that more often than not managers are treated as a homologous group instead of individuals who need to be precisely fitted to the variables governing a work situation. This has lead to stereotyping the role of management – expecting every manager to be team leader as well