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JAX: Identifying Job Behavioral and Motivational Requirements Without comparative job-related performance criteria, instruments measuring personality constructs have little if any value in the selection process. When hiring managers simplify, generalize, or stereotype their job behavioral expectations, all too often they find out that their assumptions were invalid, and the people they were trying to hire

Benefits of OMS

Organizational Management Systems delivers significant process and results benefits to your organization that affect both your top and bottom lines One fast, easy-to-use decision support solution for all your hiring and in-placement needs… OMS offers on-line assessment available in multiple languages that takes less than seven minutes on average to complete… It is applicable to

Does Your Business Need OMS?

If your response to most or all of these questions is Yes, then OMS is a performance improvement solution for your business. If you have identified opportunities to improve performance, find out how OMS can help your management team more easily, economically, and quickly achieve their goals. For more information on OMS, please contact us.

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Making Decisions About People is Difficult… Managers routinely and regularly make critically important hiring, placement, and operational decisions. Melding intuition, insight, and experience, their decisions about people generally reflect a high degree of personal discretion developed through their own experiences. Even when trying to be totally objective, the uniqueness of these experiences combined with their

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SuperSell: Leverage your talents to take full advantage of every sales interaction… Increase your sales and earnings, and build stronger, more productive customer relationships Interact: Motivate and manage each person individually to develop engaged, satisfied employees, and to retain your top performers Coach: Whatever your personality, you can become a more successful manager by becoming

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