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Exciting, innovative technology with unlimited sales potential

About OMS – Exciting, innovative technology with unlimited sales potential

OMS is a niche technology targeted primarily at entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives in smaller and medium-sized businesses, who seek to execute their business strategies more precisely and successfully. The implementation of OMS in a client organization includes an up-front audit of needs and opportunities for improvement, the training of top executives and managers, support consulting, and ongoing progress monitoring.

What differentiates OMS is unique, industry-leading technology that gives clients information analysis and data management capabilities found nowhere else. JAX, despite its simple design, is a unique and sophisticated job modeling tool that, unlike the sampling techniques used by test vendors, allows users to create “what-if” job models for single jobs or jobs in transition. The OMS Questionnaire, unlike all other personality assessment instruments, can generate unique and tailored reports for specific client applications. The OMS website contains unique state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that allow clients to instantly generate compatibility and comparison reports for people and jobs. A fully scalable person versus job comparison technology enables major employers to automate job behavior and motivation pre-screening of a large numbers of candidates against their own job requirements.

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If you are an executive looking to make a career change into the world of personal consulting, Organizational Management System presents a solid platform upon which to build your business. If you are a consultant seeking program technology that will elevate your business to the C-level and replace individual sales with long-term growing accounts, the OMS Distributorship offers you both technological and marketing competitive advantages.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Listed below are some of the more frequently asked questions concerning the use of OMS. If you have additional questions, we will be pleased to address them. Simply click on the Contact link and send an email, or telephone ADGI.

1. We use behavior description interviewing, so why would we need OMS?

Included in the OMS suite of training modules is a intensive one-day program on Behavioral Interviewing, so we know that well-planned and constructed interviews can be very helpful in hiring situations. However, even the best interviews using well-constructed questions cannot uncover every job-relevant behavioral dimension, clearly differentiate talents from skills, determine the amount or degree of particular traits in comparison to other candidates, or always discern the roles people project in their efforts to adapt to jobs. In fact, studies have shown that good testing instruments are more predictive of potential job performance than are interviews. OMS is a decision-making process with many beneficial applications other than hiring, so behavioral description interviewing is a complement not a replacement.

2. What does the OMS Questionnaire measure?

The OMS Questionnaire measures two dimensions of personality – a person’s Basic Characteristics or natural behavioral predisposition, and the Job Adaptation the person is attempting to make within his or her work situation. Knowing the Basic Characteristics allows managers to understand a person’s motivation, natural talents, and capabilities, and knowing the Job Adaptation allows them to see how the employee perceives job responsibilities, and how the person is reacting to supervision, training, or the forces within the work environment.

Within the Basic Characteristics scale OMS measures seven source dimensions – Assertiveness (achievement and ego-drive), Sociability (social initiative and manner of communication), Patience (initiative and self-starting), Discipline (need for order and structure), Behavioral Adaptability (stress resiliency and ability to cope with change), Emotional Containment (emotional management), and Originality of Thinking (inventiveness).

3. We employ well-educated, skilled people – at what levels can we use the OMS Questionnaire?

The OMS Questionnaire can be used at all levels of an organization, from entry-level positions to senior management posts. Comparing the OMS results to the JAX job analysis results is what makes the information job relevant and specifically predictive of job behavior and performance.

4. Isn’t OMS just like other testing programs we have considered?

ADGI and our associated consultants do not market OMS as a testing program, and several important features differentiate OMS from traditional testing offerings. The critical program element is the Maximizing Human Performance Seminar – equipping managers to understand individual personalities and how they differ along with workplace behavior, and to manage people as individuals. Without an understanding of behavior and motivation and the implications of people decisions, test users can have difficulty applying and communicating test information effectively. Secondly, OMS is used for diagnostic, problem-solving, management, and organizational development applications for which hiring tests or simple team-building diagnostics are unsuited.

5. Can OMS help us reduce turnover and retain employees?

Yes. Study after study has reconfirmed what Scott Myers and Frederick Herzberg told us forty years ago: people stay in jobs and with organizations that allow them to meet their personal needs for growth and achievement. Placing people in the right roles and managing them in the most effective personal manner is the very essence of management today, and this is the primary application of OMS.

6. Can we implement the program by training several people in our HR department?

Yes, because clients have to decide what is best for their organizations. However, using OMS as you would a testing program offers only limited benefits, and has little impact on vital day-to-day management behaviors and actions. Selection and hiring could be improved, but it would not be possible to apply OMS to the more critical organizational management applications which we believe offer the most significant bottom-line return.

7. What is the minimum number of managers who should attend the Maximizing Human Performance Seminar in order for it to produce significant results for us?

There is no minimum as such. However, we recommend that an organization commencing OMS initiate the training at the senior management or top team level. Strategic applications of OMS affect the more tactical applications, such as candidate assessment, and require the knowledge and commitment of the company’s leadership. Once this group establishes a direction and focus for OMS, then other operational and staff managers should be involved.

8. How are the OMS Questionnaires administered?

OMS is a fully on-line, automated technology. Client users have secure access to their OMS site, are able to administer the OMS Questionnaire in different ways, and are able to develop job behavior models using several different techniques. Fully databased, and offering unique industry-leading data management and diagnostic functions, the OMS website offers valuable features for every size client organization.

9. Our major problem is recruiting – could we use the OMS Questionnaire just in that aspect of our business?

Yes. It is only one application for the program, but it can be very rewarding. We recommend a broader usage of OMS, though, because for many business organizations retaining valuable, skilled employees is even more of a priority, and without effective management of people, even the best hiring programs would still not make up for the difference.

10. Can we use the OMS Questionnaire as a pre-screening tool for job candidates?

Yes. OMS offers client organizations the unique capability of pre-screening job candidates on the basis of job-relevant personality attributes and job fit. To ensure legal defensibility, as a preliminary step we recommend that we undertake a job study on the position being pre-screened. This procedure, offered as an optional support service, provides the client with a statistical profile of the job-related traits and characteristics, and ensures that the essential traits are being included in the hiring screen.

11. We have job candidates applying from many locations and we don’t have offices everywhere they are. How can we arrange for them to complete an OMS Questionnaire?

Your candidates complete the OMS Questionnaire on-line by accessing a link forwarded to them in an email. Regardless of where they may be located, or when they actually want to fill in the Questionnaire, once they have completed the process, you receive email notification and can immediately review their OMS results and run comparative analyses against your various job behavioral models.

12. We operate internationally. Can OMS accommodate our diverse language needs?

Indeed. OMS is offered in many different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Castellan Spanish, Latin Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Hindi, and Punjabi. Candidates completing the OMS are able to select their preferred language when they receive their OMS Questionnaire link.

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Maximizing Human Performance Learning Objectives

1Learn how to predict how personal motivation needs influence specific workplace behaviors.

2Learn how to understand the features and talents of different personality styles and to visually quickly see the differences that distinguish personalities and that affect job performance.

3Learn how to make more accurate placement decisions by understanding the layers that underlie actual job behavior, and distinguishing between natural and projected or adaptive behaviors.

4Learn about the factors that control our ability to change and to adapt to job expectations, including determining how much change people can reasonably make and how to manage and facilitate that change.

5Learn the management tactics that will have the greatest impact upon performance with different personality styles for communication, motivation, coaching, and performance management.

6Learn how to calibrate human behavior and precisely match people to job requirements – to see traits and attributes in degrees and in comparison to other people rather than in simplistic black and white terms.

7Learn why it is so easy to misread what other people are like in our interactions with them, including interviews, and why interviews are so ineffective at predicting specific job behaviors and overall job performance.

8Learn about the Law of Small Differences – how very minor and subtle differences in personality structure produce such significant variations in performance.

9Learn about the thin margin that separates workaholics from people with a more balanced lifestyle, about the attributes that control our response to workplace stress, and how such behaviors can be measured, predicted, and managed.

10Learn how to see the stress response in other people and to understand the impact of change and problems.

11Learn what differentiates talents/abilities and skills, and what people can and cannot change about their work behaviors through coaching and development.

12Learn how to use the OMS as a diagnostic tool to precisely analyze the nature of the workplace culture and normative behaviors within a group, which is critical to planning change and transitioning to new operational strategies.

13Learn how to quickly identify how people will work together in groups and teams, and to accurately predict what management tactics will produce the best results from the team.

14Understand the practical but subtle differences between selling styles that differentiate people with high potential for consultative sales, relationship management, features and benefits selling, promotional sales, technical sales, and retail sales.

15Learn about your own style within the broader context of personality, how to maximize your talents and abilities – and your performance – through your decisions and relationships with other people, and how to assume more control over your own career.

OMS Applications

OMS for All Your People-Management Decisions

More productive management and smarter management decisions depend upon the quality and depth of information management develops and uses. The most difficult information to acquire and to organize has to do with people – their personalities and behaviors, their motivation, and their ability to adapt to changing workplace expectations and to the dynamics of change.

Organizational Management System offers executive and management decision-makers comprehensive and wide-ranging insights into personality, behavior, and motivation that facilitate any organization’s management responsiveness and ability to compete. These OMS applications include:

Job Analysis – Identifying Performance Criteria

1Analyze jobs to create precise, detailed models incorporating essential behaviors and motivating needs.

2Create multiple job models for a specific job to capture the different performance emphases and expectations associated with variances in job context

3Identify specific behavioral expectations to complement performance objectives in a hybrid performance management system.


1Using scientific algorithms, objectively compare employee and candidate OMS results to JAX job models to determine compatibility, behavioral and motivational fit, and development needs.

2Instantly determine the level of compatibility of one or multiple candidates to any number of current or prospective jobs.

3Identify specific candidate competencies and behaviors to probe during interviews and reference checks.

4Use behavioral data to improve the accuracy of succession planning decisions.

5Measure the effectiveness of succession planning in aligning people with jobs that fulfill their needs.

6Search the OMS database to identify employees with behaviors and motivation compatible to specific jobs.

7Measure the effectiveness of recruiting activities and campaigns for the organization and specific hiring units.

8Facilitate career planning by searching the JAX database to identify jobs that align closely with the behaviors and motivation of specific employees.

9Match sales and support people to the needs and requirements of specific accounts and buyers.

10Diagnose the causes of group and individual performance problems.


Recruitment and Technology Automation

1Fully automate the administration of OMS through your Internet career site and instantly prescreen candidates and rate their compatibility against multiple jobs.

2Integrate OMS functions and data with Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS’s.

3Develop more focused, more relevant, and more appealing recruitment advertisements and communication pieces.

4Conduct more penetrating and more revealing candidate interviews and reference checks.


Facilitating Organizational Improvement and Change

1Analyze teams and work groups to determine the diversity of their styles and their talents in comparison to identified needs.

2Build teams to meet specific behavioral expectations and needs.

3Analyze team and work group behaviors to develop performance improvement tactics.

4Analyze work groups to identify the behavioral causes of performance problems or variances.

5Analyze work groups to determine the behavioral impact of training and management interventions.

6Analyze work groups to determine the motivation, behaviors, and adaptive behaviors associated with competencies and performance criteria, for example, leadership.

7Analyze employee groups to identify the impediments to organizational change initiatives.

8Analyze groups to identify the predominate work culture attributes associated with the organization as a whole and with specific work units.

9Analyze sales force abilities and align specific people with specific talents to specific markets or product/service offerings.

10Conduct analyses that identify the performance significance of specific behaviors, motivating needs, and job adaptations.

11Diagnose and identify specific behavioral features that are significant components of corporate, business unit or departmental work cultures.

12Evaluate the efficacy and salience of management policies, practices, and applied beliefs.

13Enhance Performance Management through the inclusion of realistic, relevant behavioral expectations.

Employee and Performance Development

1Give salespeople the knowledge and tools to identify different prospect and customer buyer styles and adapt their selling methods and tactics to each individual style.

2Give members of employee teams the insights and understanding needed to improve team cooperation, communication, and performance.

3Facilitate and improve interpersonal collaboration and communication.

4Augment sales and service by equipping employees in vital contact roles to be more understanding of and more responsive to personality-related differences in behavior and communication.

Our Advantages

Ten Reasons Why ADGI Should Be Your Assessment Technology Partner

1ADGI has specialized in delivering assessment and decision support systems for more than 40 years. With a focus on assessing job-related behavior and motivation, with a wealth of experience in analyzing job behavioral requirements, with strong research & development and innovation credentials, and with broad international exposure,  ADGI delivers complete client satisfaction.

2ADGI is a technology developer and innovator. We tailor solutions to meet specific client needs and system requirements, and we develop client-specific reports, on-line training, and private-branded applications for OMS, as well as turn-key solutions for franchisors, retailers, and contact centers.

3ADGI’s instruments – the OMS and JAX Questionnaires – are unique, proprietary tools developed for the Internet era… Completely on-line, OMS is an in-company technology available 24/7 in multiple languages, appropriate for all jobs at all levels in all industries, compliant with professional standards in all major markets, and legally-defensible. Simple and fast work best: the OMS Questionnaire is generally completed by candidates in less than seven minutes and the results are available immediately.

4Unlike many competitors who generate wordy, redundant reports and busy, complex graphs, OMS offers a simple, but comprehensive graphical Interface to speed up understanding, communication, and decision-making. In a few seconds managers trained to read an OMS graph can synthesize objective and unambiguous information about motivation and behavior. No wasted time, no confusing double talk, no jargon, and no need for translation!

5As a research-based organization that has pioneered numerous advances in assessment technology, we rely upon the ongoing development of tools and process innovations to differentiate OMS.  To ensure decision objectivity we include an algorithmic-based OMS-JAX comparison tool; to assist clients where recruitment speed is critical, we offer fully scalable automated pre-screening; to speed up and simplify communication, we offer integration with HRIS’s and ATS’s; and to facilitate both strategic and operational problem-solving and decision making, we offer data analysis and management tools for job analysis, team building, problem solving, and succession planning.

6Interaction Styles (IS) is a special application of OMS to integrate with client team building and training programs for sales, service, and supervisory personnel. Built upon a social styles model of behavior IS, which eliminates the need to use additional team building programs, is licensed to clients for in-house training and development applications. It is a comprehensive interpersonal and communication skill development solution included with OMS at no additional cost!

7Interaction Guide reports are highly innovative productivity tools that can be used by all managers to improve coaching results, management effectiveness, and communication. Developed from ADGI’s leading edge iPhone applications, Coach, Interact, and SuperSell, these reports can help any manager coach, manage, and influence with greater success.

8Technology is supposed to bring prices down, and with OMS that’s a fact! We never sell on price, but we can always compete on price… Offering a simplified, all-inclusive pricing model, we encourage clients to explore all OMS applications and technological innovations without incurring any additional costs.

9We believe that smart managers make smart decisions… Tools and technology matter, but with strategic, operational, and assessment decisions what matters even more is what managers know. That’s why the real focus of OMS is on management knowhow and the development of management skills in our Maximizing Human Performance seminars. We prepare managers to apply insight and factual, objective understanding to all their people decisions, greatly enhancing their value to the organization as well as their impact on results.

10Client Service and support… ADGI and our experienced representatives know that a total assessment solution requires more than good tools and process, so we support every client program with technical assistance and application guidance, including briefings,  meetings, webinars, and training sessions. That’s why we have many current client relationships that extend back more than twenty years, with some that reach forty years. Service matters, and we deliver.

OMS is a Registered Trademark of The Assessment and Development Group International Inc.