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JAX: Identifying Job Behavioral and Motivational Requirements

Without comparative job-related performance criteria, instruments measuring personality constructs have little if any value in the selection process. When hiring managers simplify, generalize, or stereotype their job behavioral expectations, all too often they find out that their assumptions were invalid, and the people they were trying to hire were not the people they really needed.

A collaborative, behaviorally-anchored Questionnaire, JAX is a group process that enables people in and around a job to combine their unique perspectives to fashion a consensus to create an OMS job pattern. The JAX pattern identifies the behaviors necessary for successful performance, the motivating needs the job activities appear to satisfy, the talents and behavioral abilities that feed into job competencies, and any disconnects between the specific job pattern and the overall work culture.

JAX is applicable to all jobs at all levels in any organization, and the pattern can be validated or reinforced in many circumstances by comparing the results to the patterns of actual job incumbents. JAX is a far more versatile job analysis process than simple job sampling, which creates psychometrically questionable averages unlike any real people in the job. JAX also enables modeling for jobs still being constructed, and can be scored quickly with the results available instantly on the OMS website.

OMS Questionnaire: Objectively Measuring Human Attributes and Differences

The OMS Questionnaire is a self-report personality inventory, which generally takes less than ten minutes to complete. The adjective check-list instrument measures seven personality constructs: Assertiveness, Sociability, Patience, Discipline (need for structure), Behavioral Adaptability, Emotional Containment, and Originality of Thinking. Using two normative scales, Basic Characteristics to measure natural attributes and traits, and Job Adaptation to measure perceived job behaviors, OMS enables users to understand natural or predisposed behavioral inclinations as well as the adaptive behaviors people make in adjusting to their perception of their work settings.

Design is a critical factor in how tests and instruments may be used. Unlike many popular Ipsitive (forced-choice) instruments that cannot generate normative scores and other tests that use raw scores only, the OMS Questionnaire is a more precise instrument that enables the comparison of respondent scores, which is essential for selection and screening applications.

The OMS website enables client users to administer the OMS Questionnaire electronically on-site or via email link, and, upon completion of the Questionnaire, to instantly review the graphical pattern results as well as to access a variety of informative analytical functions and application reports for assessment, management, and development. The design of the OMS allows respondents to select from among a large number of languages, including major European languages, Latin Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Punjabi.

The analysis of the OMS graph is taught in our Maximizing Human Performance seminar.

Benefits of OMS

Organizational Management Systems delivers significant process and results benefits to your organization that affect both your top and bottom lines

One fast, easy-to-use decision support solution for all your hiring and in-placement needs…

OMS offers on-line assessment available in multiple languages that takes less than seven minutes on average to complete… It is applicable to every type of job at every level in any business.

In the Internet age simple trumps complex, fast trumps slow, and automation trumps labor-intensity!

More Accurate Decisions result from...

a) using our proprietary JAX The Job Analysis Expert to identify the context of each job situation along with the behavioral subtleties and nuances that differentiate top from middling performance,

b) using the OMS Questionnaire to objectively uncover candidate motivation, behaviors, and workplace attitudes, and

c) using our very precise OMS-JAX matching technology to scientifically assess candidate job compatibility.

Faster Hiring Decisions…

The combination of OMS’s automatic administration on career sites or job boards with our instant, automated pre-screening of candidates against multiple current and future jobs, and immediate feedback to hiring managers means that you can differentiate candidates on the basis of behavioral and performance potential and respond to hi-potential prospects within minutes of their application… Turn time to your competitive advantage!


More Efficient Recruitment…

OMS’s automated technology means that you can compare all your job applicants to all the positions for which you are hiring objectively and instantaneously…Take full advantage of your recruiting investment.

Improved HR-Operations Communication…

Overcome one of the most problematic and challenging aspects of hiring by using OMS’s graphical interface and defined language to replace personal filters, personal biases, assumption, guesswork, and inference, all of which lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Faster New Hire Development and Orientation…

Objectively understanding the motivation and traits of every new hire and how they are attempting to adapt and project themselves enables you to create an employee-specific orientation program to ramp up performance most quickly.

Less Wasted Management Time…

OMS helps you objectively understand every employee’s talents, ability to learn new competencies, and ability to adapt and project different behaviors, and saves a great deal of time and effort invested in “overcoming weaknesses” and trying to fit people into jobs for which they have minimal talents and little prospect for success.

More Personal, Effective Management…

OMS’s Interact report equips managers to understand and respond effectively to every employee’s motivational needs, work environment preferences, and desire to utilize specific talents, improving relationships and results.

More Productive Coaching…

OMS’s Coach report gives every manager the insight and understanding needed to tailor coaching strategies and tactics to the individual needs, preferences, and styles of each employee. Coach can help every manager personally and more successfully adapt to your coaching model and expectations.

Improved Succession Planning…

With OMS you can identify talents and performance potential critical to future roles, and create development plans to efficiently prepare employees for job changes and advancement.

Fewer Performance Problems…

Employees who are more aligned with job expectations and who are more satisfied and engaged mean fewer performance problems and less of a drag on management time and organizational plans. The operational and financial impact is very significant.

Higher Employee Engagement…

OMS offers you and your management team the understanding and the tools to engage top performers more effectively, unleashing their talents, their desire, and their creativity.

Higher Retention/Lower Turnover…

Higher performers who are more satisfied, more motivated, able to use their talents, and who feel better treated and better understood stay longer.

Higher Output and Performance…

This is the true bottom line: more precise measurement of job requirements, more objective understanding of candidate motivation and behavior, more accurate matching of candidates and jobs, more accurate prediction of job behaviors, a deeper insight into performance potential, and identification of performance issues and problems before you make an employment commitment, and more understanding, responsive management means higher sales and revenues, greater efficiency, and lower costs. That’s higher productivity and output!

Does Your Business Need OMS?

If your response to most or all of these questions is Yes, then OMS is a performance improvement solution for your business.

1Do you hire 10 or more people each year?

2Can you achieve significant savings by reducing turnover?

3Are you seeking ways to improve your retention of high performing employees?

4Would you benefit from a more objective means of pre-screening candidates and comparing them on the basis of job behavioral fit?

5Would improving employee motivation and job satisfaction contribute to higher performance?

6Would your operational managers benefit from better information and tools to coach and manage employees?

If you have identified opportunities to improve performance, find out how OMS can help your management team more easily, economically, and quickly achieve their goals.

For more information on OMS, please contact us.

OMS Training

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Making Decisions About People is Difficult…

Managers routinely and regularly make critically important hiring, placement, and operational decisions. Melding intuition, insight, and experience, their decisions about people generally reflect a high degree of personal discretion developed through their own experiences. Even when trying to be totally objective, the uniqueness of these experiences combined with their diverse personality filters tend to produce inconsistent results. Peter Drucker stated it best when he pointed out that only one-third of people decisions turn out right, with another third borderline, and the remaining third dead wrong! But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Maximizing Human Performance (MHP): Practical Insight and Guidance

Maximizing Human Performance (MHP) is a hands-on learning experience. Managers learn to apply science and system to their people decisions through understanding personality, motivation, and workplace behavior, and the impact these factors have upon individual and organizational performance.

By learning to analyze the OMS graph, they are able to organize and simplify the dimensions and attributes of personality into clear graphical pictures. This decision-making tool makes it possible to measure the traits people possess, and to compare people quickly, objectively, and visually against job-related criteria. Participants learn how to understand personality and performance within the context of the different work culture expectations, job requirements, in terms of the many situational variables affecting job performance.

Learn more about the key learning objectives for this two-day small group program.

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