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A Smart Website

Make Decisions and Diagnosis Easier and Faster Innovative technology is a major differentiator of our Organizational Management System. We offer clients unique and valuable features to help them quickly and easily apply the OMS and JAX information to strategic, diagnostic, and assessment applications. In just a few minutes using the OMS website client managers can

Maximizing Human Performance Learning Objectives

Learn how to predict how personal motivation needs influence specific workplace behaviors. Learn how to understand the features and talents of different personality styles and to visually quickly see the differences that distinguish personalities and that affect job performance. Learn how to make more accurate placement decisions by understanding the layers that underlie actual job

How Employee Turnover Creates Customer Turnover

With all the concern about voluntary turnover, including the separation costs, recruitment and retraining costs, and lost productivity, often overlooked is the really huge but largely unmeasurable cost associated with customers who go away and don’t come back. For many companies, trying to provide quality service to their customers is akin to fighting a bush fire with a bucket brigade. Employees turnover so fast that they can

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