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Organizational Management System

OMS… A decision support technology and process to optimize all your people decisions Hire: OMS the Key to Smart Decisions & Competitive Advantage Decisions are the engines that drive our businesses. Top performance begins with smart hiring decisions. Get the information you need about performance potential, job behaviors, and job fit. With OMS get it

Retailers and Franchisor Solutions: OMS For People-Management Decisions

More productive management and smarter management decisions depend upon the quality and depth of information management develops and applies. The most difficult information to acquire and to organize has to do with people – their personalities and behaviors, their motivation, and their ability to adapt to changing workplace expectations and to the dynamics of change.

Identify Talents with a Unique Decision-Making Solution

OMS is not another testing program!But OMS does employ two objective measurement and assessment tools – JAX the Job Analysis Expert and the OMS Questionnaire – to identify job behavioral and motivational requirements as well as human motivating factors, traits and behavioral attributes, and job-related talents. OMS is not a training package. But OMS fills

Client Testimonials

I have been working with Steve Sheppard of OMS (Organizational Management System) for the past 9 years to develop a solution to reduce turnover and absence in a call center environment. With OMS, Fusion Marketing Partners has reduced turnover by 40% and absence by 7%. Matching behavior to job type has made it possible to

Maximize Corporate Training

Making Decisions About People is Difficult… Managers routinely and regularly make critically important hiring, placement, and operational decisions. Melding intuition, insight, and experience, their decisions about people generally reflect a high degree of personal discretion developed through their own experiences. Even when trying to be totally objective, the uniqueness of these experiences combined with their

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