Learn how OMS can help you accurately identify high potential candidates, reduce hiring mistakes, and more successfully coach and engage employees…

Are hiring mistakes derailing your plans and eating deeply into your profits?


You can do something about that with OMS, a powerful management decision-making process.

With the OMS tools and training you can make more factual, objective strategic, operational, and people management decisions…

You can simplify people decisions, make them faster and with greater clarity… you can more accurately understand the implications and predict the outcomes of your decisions, and you can make decisions with greater certainty and fewer unintended consequences.

With OMS you can utilize scientific algorithms to objectively compare people and jobs to determine job compatibility, behavioral and motivational fit, and development needs…

By removing subjectivity and the guesswork OMS means higher performance, fewer costly bad hires, and less disruption to your sales and business plans.

Are management issues with coaching, leadership, and resolving people-problems challenging your growth?

Now, there is a solution: the OMS suite of timesaving, easy-to-use productivity tools…

With the OMS Interaction Styles training and the Interaction Guide series of reports your managers have access to tools and guidance to help them dramatically improve their interpersonal and influencing skills, performance coaching, and day-to-day people management.

Every manager in your organization can have a personal strategy and tactical plan for coaching every employee created by taking into account both the employee’s and the manager’s behavioral styles.

Every manager in your organization can understand and better utilize the individual talents that each employee brings to the workplace, better understand the differences and tap the motivating needs of each employee, and be more responsive to individual management expectations and preferences that have such great impact upon engagement and retention.

Speak with an OMS representative to get more information about how OMS can help you take your business to a whole new level of performance and profitability…

Karn Nichols, Karn Nichols People Solutions, Halifax NS

Karn is the owner and Principal at Karn Nichols – People Solutions where she serves a variety of business needs, including involving people and performance management. In this role Karn serves a broad array of industry partners including agriculture, education, dentistry, retail, service, construction, development, non-profit and veterinarian services.

Karn has an MBA for Saint Mary’s University, a BSc. in psychology from Dalhousie University, and a Certificate in Adult Education from Henson College.  As a senior member of the management team of a “50 Best Managed Company” for over thirteen years, Karn has acquired both breadth and depth of practical knowledge and experience in areas pertaining to human resource management.  She has experience in leading a dynamic organization through industry volatility and change through the development and effective implementation of strategic human resource practices.  She understands the importance of linking human resource and performance management strategy to the overall operational goals of the organization and she possesses a proven ability to build solid relationships and gain buy-in within a diverse workforce.

Karn is deeply committed to both her family and community and has held a number of volunteer positions throughout the years. These would include Vice President External, Saint Mary’s University MBA Society, Co-President Families with Children from China, President Metro Immigrant Learning Society, Human Resources Association of Nova Scotia, Feed Nova Scotia, Blue Nose Marathon, Manulife Dragon Boat Festival and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. She is currently a proud Board Member for Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia as well as the Bridge Centre for Arts and Technology (BridgeCAT).

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