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Partial Truths about Workplace Behavior

As we all know, truth exists on different levels. What is true in one situation is not true in another. With people decisions, complete distortions of reality are not the problem we face. Far more injurious and costly are those subtle partial truths that people carry around and use as the platform for their decisions.

What Do Employees Really Want?

“I don’t like my job, I don’t like my company, and I’m staying right where I am.” This is how Tom Davenport of Towers Perrin describes a key finding of a survey his company conducted recently. Although 17% of the people surveyed are disengaged from their work and 63% are only moderately engaged, just 28%

There Are Some Things We Don’t Want to Recycle!

Information is not the problem. There is no shortage of information on how people in the workplace feel about their jobs and their work experiences. One recent study of nearly 3000 US workers produced by Walker Information says it all and it’s current. Only about half of workers surveyed (53%) are willing to recommend their

Managers: The High Cost of Making Exceptions

Two issues prior we looked at manager motivation, especially in larger organizations, which tells us why Need for Power and Need for Achievement result in different management styles that perform best within different job contexts. Both are leadership personalities, and despite the relative differences, have the ability to channel the energies and motivation of other

You Have to Want to Be a Coach to Be a Good One

The manager as a coach is an intoxicating idea – instead of carrying out tasks and managing numbers the manager focuses on developing people and patiently works with them to help them apply new skills and stretch their abilities. Imagine how effective our organizations would be if all managers could do this? The idea is

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