Give ‘em a Job…

Most recruiters and managers like to think they are looking for people who are unusually talented and creative. But can you really differentiate people with unusual capabilities from those of those of lesser potential early in the hiring process?

Actually you can, and here’s one way of doing it.

Give the candidate a job to do before he or she comes to the first interview. When you make your first interview appointment, explain to the candidate that you would be interested in their views and observations about your company and how it compares to your competitors. Let the candidate use his or her own ingenuity to figure out how.

During your interview ask what the candidate has learned about your business, your company, and your competitors. Those who are unusual in their talents and more focused in their motivation will have done some serious research, and will have some interesting insights.

As for the others, they may have the potential to be average or possibly even good employees, but just don’t expect them to be unusually talented.

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