Maximize Corporate Training

Making Decisions About People is Difficult…

Managers routinely and regularly make critically important hiring, placement, and operational decisions. Melding intuition, insight, and experience, their decisions about people generally reflect a high degree of personal discretion developed through their own experiences. Even when trying to be totally objective, the uniqueness of these experiences combined with their diverse personality filters tend to produce inconsistent results. Peter Drucker stated it best when he pointed out that only one-third of people decisions turn out right, with another third borderline, and the remaining third dead wrong! But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Maximizing Human Performance (MHP): Practical Insight and Guidance

Maximizing Human Performance (MHP) is a hands-on learning experience. Managers learn to apply science and system to their people decisions through understanding personality, motivation, and workplace behavior, and the impact these factors have upon individual and organizational performance.

By learning to analyze the OMS graph, they are able to organize and simplify the dimensions and attributes of personality into clear graphical pictures. This decision-making tool makes it possible to measure the traits people possess, and to compare people quickly, objectively, and visually against job-related criteria. Participants learn how to understand personality and performance within the context of the different work culture expectations, job requirements, in terms of the many situational variables affecting job performance.

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