OMS Solutions

OMS: A Unique Decision-making Solution For Managers at Every Level

OMS is not just another testing program!

But OMS does employ two objective measurement and assessment tools – JAX the Job Analysis Expert and the OMS Questionnaire – to identify job behavioral and motivational requirements as well as human motivating factors, traits and behavioral attributes, and job-related talents. (Hotlink to content in #5)

OMS is not a training package.

But OMS fills a significant void in business learning with Maximizing Human Performance, a management development experience that equips managers to objectively understand people as individuals and manage them based upon their individual needs, preferences, and abilities.

OMS is not an Internet service.

But OMS uses a Smart website to manage client information about people and jobs, and to provide managers with unique, industry-leading diagnostic, analytical, and data management features. Our web tools help client managers model and compare job behavioral options, compare people and job requirements, synthesize relevant decision data, and analyze the real causes of and implications of different solutions to people and performance issues. There is simply no comparable set of decision-making tools anywhere else!

OMS is not a consulting intervention.

OMS is an “in-house” or internal consulting solution. Our tactic is to make your managers better managers and more astute decision-makers. But OMS does support our training and technology with the experienced and valuable know-how of The Assessment and Development Group and our team of independent representatives.

Developing a highly performing organization means

  • Hiring and placing the right people in every position,
  • Motivating and directing people in a more meaningful, personal way that builds higher job satisfaction and encourages them to stay, and
  • Managing people in a way that maximizes their individual talents and abilities.

The unique combination of OMS technology, tools, learning, and process powers faster and more informed decisions in all of these strategic planning, organizational development, and assessment applications.

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