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Ten Reasons Why ADGI Should Be Your Assessment Technology Partner

1ADGI has specialized in delivering assessment and decision support systems for more than 40 years. With a focus on assessing job-related behavior and motivation, with a wealth of experience in analyzing job behavioral requirements, with strong research & development and innovation credentials, and with broad international exposure,  ADGI delivers complete client satisfaction.

2ADGI is a technology developer and innovator. We tailor solutions to meet specific client needs and system requirements, and we develop client-specific reports, on-line training, and private-branded applications for OMS, as well as turn-key solutions for franchisors, retailers, and contact centers.

3ADGI’s instruments – the OMS and JAX Questionnaires – are unique, proprietary tools developed for the Internet era… Completely on-line, OMS is an in-company technology available 24/7 in multiple languages, appropriate for all jobs at all levels in all industries, compliant with professional standards in all major markets, and legally-defensible. Simple and fast work best: the OMS Questionnaire is generally completed by candidates in less than seven minutes and the results are available immediately.

4Unlike many competitors who generate wordy, redundant reports and busy, complex graphs, OMS offers a simple, but comprehensive graphical Interface to speed up understanding, communication, and decision-making. In a few seconds managers trained to read an OMS graph can synthesize objective and unambiguous information about motivation and behavior. No wasted time, no confusing double talk, no jargon, and no need for translation!

5As a research-based organization that has pioneered numerous advances in assessment technology, we rely upon the ongoing development of tools and process innovations to differentiate OMS.  To ensure decision objectivity we include an algorithmic-based OMS-JAX comparison tool; to assist clients where recruitment speed is critical, we offer fully scalable automated pre-screening; to speed up and simplify communication, we offer integration with HRIS’s and ATS’s; and to facilitate both strategic and operational problem-solving and decision making, we offer data analysis and management tools for job analysis, team building, problem solving, and succession planning.

6Interaction Styles (IS) is a special application of OMS to integrate with client team building and training programs for sales, service, and supervisory personnel. Built upon a social styles model of behavior IS, which eliminates the need to use additional team building programs, is licensed to clients for in-house training and development applications. It is a comprehensive interpersonal and communication skill development solution included with OMS at no additional cost!

7Interaction Guide reports are highly innovative productivity tools that can be used by all managers to improve coaching results, management effectiveness, and communication. Developed from ADGI’s leading edge iPhone applications, Coach, Interact, and SuperSell, these reports can help any manager coach, manage, and influence with greater success.

8Technology is supposed to bring prices down, and with OMS that’s a fact! We never sell on price, but we can always compete on price… Offering a simplified, all-inclusive pricing model, we encourage clients to explore all OMS applications and technological innovations without incurring any additional costs.

9We believe that smart managers make smart decisions… Tools and technology matter, but with strategic, operational, and assessment decisions what matters even more is what managers know. That’s why the real focus of OMS is on management knowhow and the development of management skills in our Maximizing Human Performance seminars. We prepare managers to apply insight and factual, objective understanding to all their people decisions, greatly enhancing their value to the organization as well as their impact on results.

10Client Service and support… ADGI and our experienced representatives know that a total assessment solution requires more than good tools and process, so we support every client program with technical assistance and application guidance, including briefings,  meetings, webinars, and training sessions. That’s why we have many current client relationships that extend back more than twenty years, with some that reach forty years. Service matters, and we deliver.

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