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OMS Solutions

OMS: A Unique Decision-making Solution For Managers at Every Level OMS is not just another testing program! But OMS does employ two objective measurement and assessment tools – JAX the Job Analysis Expert and the OMS Questionnaire – to identify job behavioral and motivational requirements as well as human motivating factors, traits and behavioral attributes,

The Distributor Role

About the Distributor Role OMS… Exciting, innovative technology with unlimited sales potential Our Consultant-Distributors are granted territorial rights to sell, implement, and support Organizational Management System, and to train client managers to use and apply the system in the Maximizing Human Performance seminar. Because OMS is a process for understanding the personalities, the job behaviors,

Exciting, innovative technology with unlimited sales potential

About OMS – Exciting, innovative technology with unlimited sales potential OMS is a niche technology targeted primarily at entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives in smaller and medium-sized businesses, who seek to execute their business strategies more precisely and successfully. The implementation of OMS in a client organization includes an up-front audit of needs and opportunities

Does Your Business Need OMS?

If your response to most or all of these questions is Yes, then OMS is a performance improvement solution for your business. If you have identified opportunities to improve performance, find out how OMS can help your management team more easily, economically, and quickly achieve their goals. For more information on OMS, please contact us.

Business Opportunities

Build your business by representing the most technologically advanced management decision-making process available anywhere today! A Powerful Marriage: Our Technology Leadership with Your Business Development Talents OMS is an executive consulting opportunity. We offer a unique and powerful technology that differentiates our representatives from other consultants and test sellers, a business development platform that propels

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