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Looking Glass

Looking Glass is a cost-efficient assessment solution designed to meet the particular needs of franchisors, franchisees, and businesses such as retail or hospitality that have multiple geographically-dispersed outlets. In these types of decentralized and often far-flung businesses where hiring is the responsibility of the franchisee or regional and store management, with little opportunity or time to access centralized HR resources for assistance, hiring has many challenges. Operational managers generally resent the time and distraction associated with hiring, and too often seek shortcuts to save time or settle for mediocre candidates. With franchisees, since they are independent business owners, there is also the issue that they are free to choose their own hiring tools and procedures.

Looking Glass is a turnkey OMS application that provides job-specific assessment and management guidance to business unit managers and franchisees who seek to hire highly performing employees for a few vital operational roles where motivation and talents are the key drivers of performance. Store managers, sales associates, restaurant managers, chain hotel managers and night managers are just a few examples.

Looking Glass combines five key components…

1Comprehensive job analysis to determine the behavioral and motivational attributes of top performers in the target role and to detect any context differences that might result from geographical or business unit differences.

2A simple, easy-to-use website accessible by hiring managers that offers several different ways of administering the OMS Questionnaire to job candidates.

3Instant and automatic email notifications to the hiring manager, including PDF reports, when candidates complete the OMS.

4A graphical and text assessment report tailored to the company’s specific job behavioral attributes, performance parameters, and communication needs.

5On-line user training to educate the hiring managers on job performance issues and requirements, on how to use the website and system, on using the tailored assessment report as a decision aid, and on obtaining support should it be required.

Automation Makes It Easy…

Looking Glass is a fully automated system:

  • Users go through training on own and system generates candidate reports automatically
  • OMS and candidate-job comparison data can automatically be transferred to ATS’s or HRIS’s if needed

Simplicity Removes Hassles…

  • Looking Glass is simple for managers to learn and to use and requires minimal support
  • Looking Glass is simple for clients to implement and requires no time or expertise on their part

On-line training Enables Fast and Widely-dispersed Rollout

  • The Looking Glass on-line training is easy to use, fast, and relevant, because it is tailored to each client’s context and needs
  • The training is about one hour and teaches managers everything they need to know to use the system
  • Because users are more knowledgeable and self-sufficient they experience minimal problems and require minimal help and support
  • Trained managers better understand the linkage between behavior, motivation and job performance in their organization, and are equipped to use the reports more effectively

Every Aspect of Looking Glass Can Be Tailored to Client Needs

  • Looking Glass is adaptable to any job or job family at any level in any type of business
  • The OMS website has minimal functions to learn and the OMS Questionnaire is quick and easy to administer
  • The OMS Questionnaire  and reports can be private branded with a client logo to add exclusivity
  • Clients can implement the system as a hassle-free solution that all their managers can use with virtually no HR overhead and support

Culture- and Job-relevant Tailored Reports Better Serve Client Needs

  • Our upfront study of the job or jobs ensures accurate performance benchmarks and captures the behavioral subtleties that differentiate top performers
  • We often develop multiple job models to allow us to measure candidates against diverse job requirements
  • The tailored reports rate candidates against job-relevant behaviors or competencies and can also include interviewing and/or coaching guidance
  • We can track quality of job candidates and effectiveness of new hires to keep job models valid

Applications for Looking Glass

Looking Glass is applicable to all jobs, especially those where the hiring takes place nationally and the hiring managers need to focus on the operation and are less skilled as interviewers

Implementation Steps…

The development stage and implementation of Looking Glass is an efficient process that can be undertaken in a matter of weeks. Throughout the development stage the client is a full partner in the process. The critical development steps are:

1Undertake the job analysis to identify behaviors and competencies and to develop job behavioral benchmarks

2Develop the tailored assessment report to compare candidates to job criteria and show visual compatibility ratings

3Modify the on-line training to reflect specific client needs and context

4Test with a sampling of users … get feedback from and make necessary changes to improve

For more information on Looking Glass, contact The Assessment and Development Group or any of our consultant representatives.
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