Learn how OMS can help you accurately identify high potential candidates, reduce hiring mistakes, and more successfully coach and engage employees…

Are hiring mistakes derailing your plans and eating deeply into your profits?


You can do something about that with OMS, a powerful management decision-making process.

With the OMS tools and training you can make more factual, objective strategic, operational, and people management decisions…

You can simplify people decisions, make them faster and with greater clarity… you can more accurately understand the implications and predict the outcomes of your decisions, and you can make decisions with greater certainty and fewer unintended consequences.

With OMS you can utilize scientific algorithms to objectively compare people and jobs to determine job compatibility, behavioral and motivational fit, and development needs…

By removing subjectivity and the guesswork OMS means higher performance, fewer costly bad hires, and less disruption to your sales and business plans.

Are management issues with coaching, leadership, and resolving people-problems challenging your growth?

Now, there is a solution: the OMS suite of timesaving, easy-to-use productivity tools…

With the OMS Interaction Styles training and the Interaction Guide series of reports your managers have access to tools and guidance to help them dramatically improve their interpersonal and influencing skills, performance coaching, and day-to-day people management.

Every manager in your organization can have a personal strategy and tactical plan for coaching every employee created by taking into account both the employee’s and the manager’s behavioral styles.

Every manager in your organization can understand and better utilize the individual talents that each employee brings to the workplace, better understand the differences and tap the motivating needs of each employee, and be more responsive to individual management expectations and preferences that have such great impact upon engagement and retention.

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Trent Smock, PEOPLE FIRST, Phoenix, AZ

Trent Smock is the principal and founder of People First, a management development; training and consulting firm that helps companies and individuals exceed their goals by understanding how behavior impacts performance.

In business for seventeen years, Trent has a unique background as Fortune 500 executive and entrepreneur, rising through the ranks from sales rep to company President. Trent started as a field sales rep for dictation equipment and held various positions as sales manager, sales and marketing vice president in several high tech ventures, partner and on to President of a manufacturing company. Trent has extensive international experience including the transfer of intellectual property to a Japanese manufacturer and helping establish franchise and distribution outlets in Europe and Asia.

Trent is a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Psychology. He was a scholarship athlete for both football and basketball. Trent played for Bobby Knight, played in the Final Four as a freshman and was a member of two Big Ten Championship teams. Trent had the good fortune to be friends and teammates with several basketball All Americans, National Champions, NBA Champions and Olympic Gold Medalists.

In football Trent was a three year starter, an all Big Ten wide receiver and as a senior a Blue Gray All- Star. Subsequent to college Trent was drafted by the Detroit Lions, released then spent two years playing basketball in Europe. Trent lives in Phoenix Arizona, has been married for 28 years, and has one son in college and one son who is a United States Marine.

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I’ve worked with Trent Smock for over twelve (12) years at SunAmerica, Grubb & Ellis and now ARC.   I’ve learn more about managing people while improving my own leadership and decision making skills as a result of our relationship.

Rich Arnitz

Trent’s OMS assessment of people through their behavioral program is incredibly insightful and helps me to know, hire, and manage people more effectively.

Roger Morgan, President, RPG Direct

As a result of our relationship with OMS and their programs, I make better decisions about people and have more influence over their performance by how I communicate and motivate them.  We count on OMS to add value as part of our decision-making. L would highly recommend these programs and services.

Stuart Holland, National Sales Manager, Pacific Life Retirement Solution

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