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Exciting, innovative technology with unlimited sales potential

About OMS – Exciting, innovative technology with unlimited sales potential OMS is a niche technology targeted primarily at entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives in smaller and medium-sized businesses, who seek to execute their business strategies more precisely and successfully. The implementation of OMS in a client organization includes an up-front audit of needs and opportunities

OMS Measurement & Assessment Tools

JAX: Identifying Job Behavioral and Motivational Requirements Without comparative job-related performance criteria, instruments measuring personality constructs have little if any value in the selection process. When hiring managers simplify, generalize, or stereotype their job behavioral expectations, all too often they find out that their assumptions were invalid, and the people they were trying to hire

A Smart Website

A Smart Website to Make Decisions and Diagnosis Easier and Faster Innovative technology is a major differentiator for Organizational Management System. We offer clients unique and valuable features to help them quickly and easily apply the OMS and JAX information to strategic, diagnostic, and assessment applications. In just a few minutes using the OMS website

Organizational Management System

OMS… A decision support technology and process to optimize all your people decisions Hire: OMS the Key to Smart Decisions & Competitive Advantage Decisions are the engines that drive our businesses. Top performance begins with smart hiring decisions. Get the information you need about performance potential, job behaviors, and job fit. With OMS get it

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