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At The Assessment and Development Group we’re about ideas… innovating, experimenting, and developing technology to help clients improve performance, reduce costs, save time, and build competitive advantage.

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OMS For Smart Decisions

Decisions are the engines that drive our businesses. Top performance begins with smart hiring decisions. Get the information you need about performance potential, job behaviors, and job fit. With OMS get it quickly, easily, and efficiently for all candidates for all jobs at all levels.

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Use your talents to make all your business interactions more productive, successful and rewarding!

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Automation Makes It Easy…
Looking Glass is a fully automated system where users go through training on own and system generates candidate reports automatically. OMS and candidate-job comparison data can automatically be transferred to ATS’s or HRIS’s if needed.

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Our Organizational Management System (OMS) is available in North America and the United Kingdom through a group of experienced, knowledgable consulting partners and alliances. Learn more.


OMS employs two objective measurement and assessment tools – JAX (Job Analysis Expert) and the OMS Questionnaire – to identify job behavioral and motivational requirements. Learn more.


 Providing clients with the practical benefits of valuable decision-making applications and capabilities. Learn more.


A unique decision-making solution for managers at every level – OMS is not just another testing program. Learn more.

OMS MOBILE APPS: Use your talents to make all your business interactions more productive, successful, and rewarding!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – use your talents and our apps to make business interactions more productive, successful and rewarding. You can download and purchase these Apps on itunes, simply follow the links using your mobile device.


Leverage your talents to take full advantage of every sales interaction… Increase your sales and earnings, and build stronger, more productive customer relationships. Click here to learn more about SuperSell.


Click here to learn about and install Power Selling, our free version of SuperSell.


Motivate and manage each person individually to develop engaged, satisfied employees, and to retain your top performers. Click here to learn more about Interact.

Super Manager

Click here to learn about and install Super Manager, our free version of Interact.


Whatever your personality, you can become a more successful manager by becoming a more skilled, insightful management coach. Click here to learn more about Coach.

Performance Coach

Click here to learn about and install Performance Coach, our  free version of Coach.


“ASC has been working with ADGI (OMS) for several years to assist us with the hiring process of new employees. As a result, we have reduced the amount of “wrong hires” as the OMS best matches the prospective employee with the job requirements. This reduces our “total-cost-of-hiring” for an employee drastically as it could cost us over six months of salary and benefits, plus any additional training costs, just to determine whether or not the employee will work out. This benefit is not only good for saving costs to the company’s bottom line,  but it saves the prospective employee from being placed into a job that is not a good fit for them.”

Pete Gilstrap, President of ASC Software in Dayton OH

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“We have been working with Frank Gump and OMS for approximately 9 years and Comark with it’s other divisions some what longer. We have had tremendous success with this program in the areas of career pathing and team building. We focus on teamwork, collaboration, and partnership within our organization. These cultural elements have been important to our success. The Interaction Styles piece of OMS has kept us focused on how we communicate and value the differences with one another. OMS has also been an effective coaching tool for Management within Ricki’s.”

“OMS continues to be a tool in matching behaviours to job types within our company and we will continue to use this program in our recruitment and placement initiatives. OMS has truly worked for us and I believe it can work for you.”

Edward Becenko, Director of Human Resources at Ricki’s in Winnipeg MB

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“OMS has been a terrific tool to help us better qualify our candidates for employment.  There is no question that we are making much better hiring decisions… OMS is also a terrific tool to help qualify out-of-town managerial candidates and save on travel expenses and interviewing time… OMS has proven to be helpful in making decisions in promoting internal employees.  The system just works, and I become more convinced of it every year.  OMS is an indispensable part of our hiring and retention program.  I cannot imagine making an important hiring decision without it.”

Brad Walker, Vice President & General Manager of The Brown Hotel in Louisville KY

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