Client Testimonials

Client Comments About OMS and Our Representatives

“ASC has been working with ADGI (OMS) for several years to assist us with the hiring process of new employees. As a result, we have reduced the amount of “wrong hires” as the OMS best matches the prospective employee with the job requirements. This reduces our “total-cost-of-hiring” for an employee drastically as it could cost us over six months of salary and benefits, plus any additional training costs, just to determine whether or not the employee will work out. This benefit is not only good for saving costs to the company’s bottom line,  but it saves the prospective employee from being placed into a job that is not a good fit for them.”

Pete Gilstrap
President, ASC Software
Dayton OH

“We have been working with Frank Gump and OMS for approximately 9 years and Comark with it’s other divisions some what longer. We have had tremendous success with this program in the areas of career pathing and team building. We focus on teamwork, collaboration, and partnership within our organization. These cultural elements have been important to our success. The Interaction Styles piece of OMS has kept us focused on how we communicate and value the differences with one another. OMS has also been an effective coaching tool for Management within Ricki’s.”

“OMS continues to be a tool in matching behaviours to job types within our company and we will continue to use this program in our recruitment and placement initiatives. OMS has truly worked for us and I believe it can work for you.”

Edward Becenko
Director of Human Resources, Ricki’s
Winnipeg MB

“OMS has been a terrific tool to help us better qualify our candidates for employment.  There is no question that we are making much better hiring decisions… OMS is also a terrific tool to help qualify out-of-town managerial candidates and save on travel expenses and interviewing time… OMS has proven to be helpful in making decisions in promoting internal employees.  The system just works, and I become more convinced of it every year.  OMS is an indispensable part of our hiring and retention program.  I cannot imagine making an important hiring decision without it.”

Brad Walker
Vice President & General Manager, The Brown Hotel
Louisville KY

“I have had the pleasure of working with Frank Gump of ADGI for over fifteen years and OMS is used in every Young Drivers of Canada franchise from coast to coast. OMS has been used to hire the right people as instructors, sales staff and managers. It has helped grow the business through positive outgoing staff. This results in increased referrals, which are the backbone of our business. Our turnover has been reduced since the right people are in the right jobs and we have reduced our training costs as a result.”

“I believe that OMS is the most important tool we have in dealing with both hiring and staff management.”

Peter Christianson
President, Young Drivers of Canada Corporation
Hamilton ON

“I have found OMS to not only be extremely accurate, but a tool that touches almost every aspect of our organization. We are using OMS to help us identify the characteristics of our top sales people, better enabling us to identify new candidates that meet a profile of someone who is most likely to succeed. OMS helps us to speed up our recruiting process, better targeting who we are spending time with and take the subjectivity out of the hire. It also is a tool that helps me to hold our managers accountable, be thoughtful in who they hire and deploy resources against. We are also using the tool for coaching existing team members and to help us communicate with our subordinates and peers.”

“What I find most useful, is how fast we can access information and how easy it is to interpret the information provided. While it is early in our engagement I expect OMS will have a positive effect on our sales results, reduce turnover and improve communication within our organization.”

CEO, Autoland
Sherman Oaks CA

“Bootlegger’s eleven year partnership with Frank Gump and OMS has been built on his follow through and commitment to our business. The OMS tool has supported Bootlegger in team building and placement of team members. Our management team believes that behaviors better matched with the job requirements result in increased productivity and associate satisfaction.”

Director of Human Resources, Bootlegger
Division of Comark Inc.
Vancouver BC

“The OMS behavioral tool is a must have for any company!  After being introduced to the tool by Steve Sheppard nearly fifteen years ago at a Fortune 25 company, I have utilized it to build two successful businesses.  Our management team considers Steve an extension of our internal executive management team…”

Jim Kaiser
CEO, J-Curve
Phoenix AZ

“OMS has been an invaluable tool for helping our company grow and develop.  It’s allowed us to select candidates who are a better fit for the organization, and helped us coach existing staff more effectively.  Our consultant Steve Sheppard, is a wealth of knowledge and support, and his customer service is beyond compare!  If your business depends on hiring and retaining the most talented people, I highly recommend working with OMS!”

Mark Bentz,
CEO, Red Mountain Med Spa
Scottsdale AZ

“I have been working with Steve Sheppard of OMS (Organizational Management System) for the past 9 years to develop a solution to reduce turnover and absence in a call center environment.  With OMS, Fusion Marketing Partners has reduced turnover by 40% and absence by 7%.  Matching behavior to job type has made it possible to reduce cost and increase revenue for Fusion.”

“This tool has worked for Fusion and will work for your organization.”

President, Fusion Marketing Partners
Phoenix AZ

“OMS’s assessment of people through their behavioral program is incredibly insightful and helps me to know, hire, and manage people more effectively.”

Roger Morgan
President, RPG Direct
Dallas, TX

“OMS has helped us discover how to make better hiring decisions based on their research and participation in our process. We have reduce turnover and do a much better job coaching and training our wholesalers to improve their performance. The bottom-line is this program works and I highly recommend it.”

Former National Sales Manager,
Tier One Annuities and Mutual Funds

“Trent’s OMS program and his personal leadership skills have had a great impact on my own leadership effectiveness and that of my staff. I trust him and value his counsel.”

Fred Portnoy
CEO Omni Home Healthcare
Coral Springs, FL

“I’ve been working with The Assessment and Development Group and OMS for the better part of 3 years. The tools, the people, and the back-up have been ‘second to none’. If you are looking to hire right, save money, retain employees, and motivate your team – ADGI and OMS are the ‘only’ way to go!”

Bob Abrames
President, Salesology Systems
Ottawa ON
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