About ADGI

Providing clients with the practical benefits of valuable decision-making applications and capabilities

At The Assessment and Development Group we’re about ideas… innovating, experimenting, and developing technology to help clients improve performance, reduce costs, save time, and build competitive advantage.

For more than forty years we have been helping corporations become more productive and profitable by helping their management teams identify and hire top performers and manage them most effectively. Developed and refined through extensive experience in more than 1200 organizations in the United States, Canada, England, and Australia, ADGI’s Organizational Management System (OMS) is a finely calibrated, technologically advanced decision-making process offering the potential for enormous payback.

ADGI’s credentials include the design of programs, instruments, and training as well as the pioneering of many innovations such as industry career centers, video-based testing, and computerized job analysis. Directly, through our own consulting team, and indirectly through independent representatives, ADGI has managed a wide range of selection, assessment, succession planning, organizational change, and performance management projects, including employee performance and work climate surveys, management and sales force audits, the identification of role competencies, job analyses, and the evaluation of management and leadership potential. As a technology developer, ADGI is committed to the ongoing development and functional enhancement of OMS and to further expanding our leading edge assessment technology.

Why Should ADGI Be Your Assessment Technology Partner?

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