Turnover Costs

Benefits of OMS

Organizational Management Systems delivers significant process and results benefits to your organization that affect both your top and bottom lines One fast, easy-to-use decision support solution for all your hiring and in-placement needs… OMS offers on-line assessment available in multiple languages that takes less than seven minutes on average to complete… It is applicable to

Solutions for Retailers & Franchisers

Looking Glass is a cost-efficient assessment solution designed to meet the  particular needs of franchisors, franchisees, and businesses such as retail or hospitality that have multiple geographically-dispersed outlets. In these types of decentralized and often far-flung businesses where hiring is the responsibility of the franchisee or regional and store management, with little opportunity or time

How Employee Turnover Creates Customer Turnover

With all the concern about voluntary turnover, including the separation costs, recruitment and retraining costs, and lost productivity, often overlooked is the really huge but largely unmeasurable cost associated with customers who go away and don’t come back. For many companies, trying to provide quality service to their customers is akin to fighting a bush fire with a bucket brigade. Employees turnover so fast that they can

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