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Solutions for Retailers & Franchisers

Looking Glass is a cost-efficient assessment solution designed to meet the  particular needs of franchisors, franchisees, and businesses such as retail or hospitality that have multiple geographically-dispersed outlets. In these types of decentralized and often far-flung businesses where hiring is the responsibility of the franchisee or regional and store management, with little opportunity or time

Failing Report Card on Management!

We can learn a lot from all the surveys that are being conducted in business organizations today. But even more can be learned when we stand back and look at these studies in a collective way, especially when they reinforce one another or when they generate opposing conclusions. For instance, looking at two current surveys, one

Improving Communication About People and Performance

Communication is the art of understanding and being understood. Simple as it sounds, we all know how challenging our efforts to communicate can really be, especially when we are dealing with descriptive attributes rather than tangible or quantifiable information. Consider these examples:  He’s a good team player… She has good leadership potential… He just can’t

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