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OMS Solutions

OMS: A Unique Decision-making Solution For Managers at Every Level OMS is not just another testing program! But OMS does employ two objective measurement and assessment tools – JAX the Job Analysis Expert and the OMS Questionnaire – to identify job behavioral and motivational requirements as well as human motivating factors, traits and behavioral attributes,

Interaction Styles

Interaction Styles for Developing High Performing Teams and Skilled People-Managers ADGI licenses the specialized OMS application Interaction Styles at no cost to clients to greatly enhance the value and benefits of OMS. A proprietary variation of the popular Social Styles model of interpersonal communication, Interaction Styles is designed to enable employees to show respect for

Partial Truths about Workplace Behavior

As we all know, truth exists on different levels. What is true in one situation is not true in another. With people decisions, complete distortions of reality are not the problem we face. Far more injurious and costly are those subtle partial truths that people carry around and use as the platform for their decisions.

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