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Candidates Who Do It with Style Do It Better!

What’s a smile worth? The New York Times Job Market undertook a survey that found that 84 percent of hiring managers in the New York metropolitan area believe a positive, enthusiastic attitude is the most appealing behavior candidates can project during an interview. Two hundred and fifty hiring managers were asked to identify traits and

Management According to Harry Potter

It’s just a matter of time, isn’t it? With every persona, real and fictional, someone gets the notion to write a book of lessons we can learn and apply to management. Considering how fast the latest Harry adventure has jumped off the shelves, I suspect that right now someone is working hard to turn Harry’s

Give ‘em a Job…

Most recruiters and managers like to think they are looking for people who are unusually talented and creative. But can you really differentiate people with unusual capabilities from those of those of lesser potential early in the hiring process? Actually you can, and here’s one way of doing it. Give the candidate a job to

Crack the Motivation Code

Why are you interested in a candidate’s motivation? If you are like most interviewers, it is because you believe that if you understand what makes the person tick, it will help determine if the person will do a good job. That’s true, and it will, but even more importantly, it is motivation that determines how

How Are You Responding to Candidate Expectations?

Especially in non-managerial hiring, the perceptions and expectations of job candidates are a major element of job fit and a major factor affecting turnover. In part this is attributable to age, because there is a direct correlation between age and job mobility. With workers under the age of 26 at any point in time about

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