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Expecting Too Much from Training

Training is expensive in both a financial sense and in terms of the time it takes away from operations. It has to be justifiable, and even better, it should be measurable. Some things are trainable and some are not. And naturally, some are in between. Teaching knowledge and transferring skills works, but attempting to reshape

Partial Truths about Workplace Behavior

As we all know, truth exists on different levels. What is true in one situation is not true in another. With people decisions, complete distortions of reality are not the problem we face. Far more injurious and costly are those subtle partial truths that people carry around and use as the platform for their decisions.

Understanding the Features & Benefits Sales Style

Among the selling styles we differentiate within the context of OMS is the classic Features & Benefits style. More like the stereotype of the sales person for the past century, this is a style emphasizing persuasive argument over asking questions, handling objections to move the prospect closer to the decision point, hard closing to seek

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