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Personality Tests: Back with a Vengeance???

So says Fast Company in an article in the November 2004 issue. I am not so sure I would choose that same term, though, because it’s not a matter of revenge or settling an old score. It’s just smart management. In another article on the renewal of interest in testing that appeared in Toronto’s Globe

Management According to Harry Potter

It’s just a matter of time, isn’t it? With every persona, real and fictional, someone gets the notion to write a book of lessons we can learn and apply to management. Considering how fast the latest Harry adventure has jumped off the shelves, I suspect that right now someone is working hard to turn Harry’s

Crack the Motivation Code

Why are you interested in a candidate’s motivation? If you are like most interviewers, it is because you believe that if you understand what makes the person tick, it will help determine if the person will do a good job. That’s true, and it will, but even more importantly, it is motivation that determines how

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