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Interaction Styles

Interaction Styles for Developing High Performing Teams and Skilled People-Managers ADGI licenses the specialized OMS application Interaction Styles at no cost to clients to greatly enhance the value and benefits of OMS. A proprietary variation of the popular Social Styles model of interpersonal communication, Interaction Styles is designed to enable employees to show respect for

Give ‘em a Job…

Most recruiters and managers like to think they are looking for people who are unusually talented and creative. But can you really differentiate people with unusual capabilities from those of those of lesser potential early in the hiring process? Actually you can, and here’s one way of doing it. Give the candidate a job to

Understanding the Features & Benefits Sales Style

Among the selling styles we differentiate within the context of OMS is the classic Features & Benefits style. More like the stereotype of the sales person for the past century, this is a style emphasizing persuasive argument over asking questions, handling objections to move the prospect closer to the decision point, hard closing to seek

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