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Our Consultant-Distributors are granted territorial rights to sell, implement, and support Organizational Management System, and to train client managers to use and apply the system in the Maximizing Human Performance seminar. Because OMS is a process for understanding the personalities, the job behaviors, and the motivation of people, and applying that information to the corporation’s strategic and operational decisions, it is a process intended to be used by the top management team. People, and some rather small differences in their personalities, account for the difference between success and failure in virtually every aspect of corporate performance, so OMS is a vital technology that can bring the consultant into a close working relationship with C-level managers.

Once the system is operational, which is as simple as pushing a button, and the managers trained in MHP, the consultant’s role is to provide application expertise and support to client managers and human resource specialists. Advice may cover strategic plans and business matters, job restructurings, management processes and practices, and specific management or placement decisions. The client has access to the OMS website, where they maintain all their OMS data records, JAX job analysis records, and where they do various diagnostic procedures with their data. The purpose of it all is smarter, sounder decisions based upon more detailed and accurate information, which reduce costs and contribute to higher revenues associated with higher productivity and performance. OMS is a business solution intended to make organizations more productive and more profitable, and that’s what our consulting representatives strive to achieve.

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If you are an executive looking to make a career change into the world of personal consulting, Organizational Management System presents a solid platform upon which to build your business. If you are a consultant seeking program technology that will elevate your business to the C-level and replace individual sales with long-term growing accounts, the OMS Distributorship offers you both technological and marketing competitive advantages.

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