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Organizational Management System

OMS… A decision support technology and process to optimize all your people decisions Hire: OMS the Key to Smart Decisions & Competitive Advantage Decisions are the engines that drive our businesses. Top performance begins with smart hiring decisions. Get the information you need about performance potential, job behaviors, and job fit. With OMS get it

Crack the Motivation Code

Why are you interested in a candidate’s motivation? If you are like most interviewers, it is because you believe that if you understand what makes the person tick, it will help determine if the person will do a good job. That’s true, and it will, but even more importantly, it is motivation that determines how

What Do Employees Really Want?

“I don’t like my job, I don’t like my company, and I’m staying right where I am.” This is how Tom Davenport of Towers Perrin describes a key finding of a survey his company conducted recently. Although 17% of the people surveyed are disengaged from their work and 63% are only moderately engaged, just 28%

There Are Some Things We Don’t Want to Recycle!

Information is not the problem. There is no shortage of information on how people in the workplace feel about their jobs and their work experiences. One recent study of nearly 3000 US workers produced by Walker Information says it all and it’s current. Only about half of workers surveyed (53%) are willing to recommend their

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