Organizational Management System

OMS… A decision support technology and process to optimize all your people decisions

Hire: OMS the Key to Smart Decisions & Competitive Advantage

Decisions are the engines that drive our businesses. Top performance begins with smart hiring decisions. Get the information you need about performance potential, job behaviors, and job fit. With OMS get it quickly, easily, and efficiently for all candidates for all jobs at all levels.

Motivate: Building Performance One Person at a Time

Understanding each person as an individual and responding to each person’s motivational needs is the smart way to build high performance and solid relationships. You build performance one person at a time. With OMS you can remove the guesswork from motivation and create a highly satisfying, rewarding work environment for all your employees.

Manage: With OMS Make More Effective Decisions at Every Level of Management

With OMS you can gain a competitive edge by combining personal decision-making skills and know-how, scientific measurement techniques, and web-based organizational diagnostic tools into a comprehensive decision-making system for all your managers. With OMS your executive team can develop strategic initiatives far more likely to succeed, and make faster, better-informed operating decisions leading to higher individual and group performance, greater retention, and lower costs.

OMS… A Unique Decision-Making Solution

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