Exciting, innovative technology with unlimited sales potential

About OMS – Exciting, innovative technology with unlimited sales potential

OMS is a niche technology targeted primarily at entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives in smaller and medium-sized businesses, who seek to execute their business strategies more precisely and successfully. The implementation of OMS in a client organization includes an up-front audit of needs and opportunities for improvement, the training of top executives and managers, support consulting, and ongoing progress monitoring.

What differentiates OMS is unique, industry-leading technology that gives clients information analysis and data management capabilities found nowhere else. JAX, despite its simple design, is a unique and sophisticated job modeling tool that, unlike the sampling techniques used by test vendors, allows users to create “what-if” job models for single jobs or jobs in transition. The OMS Questionnaire, unlike all other personality assessment instruments, can generate unique and tailored reports for specific client applications. The OMS website contains unique state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that allow clients to instantly generate compatibility and comparison reports for people and jobs. A fully scalable person versus job comparison technology enables major employers to automate job behavior and motivation pre-screening of a large numbers of candidates against their own job requirements.

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If you are an executive looking to make a career change into the world of personal consulting, Organizational Management System presents a solid platform upon which to build your business. If you are a consultant seeking program technology that will elevate your business to the C-level and replace individual sales with long-term growing accounts, the OMS Distributorship offers you both technological and marketing competitive advantages.

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